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I've added a few details to things around here. Taken away some, as well. Mainly: Box & Slime: The Lunati Chronicles is live. There should be prints available soon at www.indyplanet.com (print on demand), as well as www.etsy.com/shop/fittsharper.

The digital downloads are pretty cheap. Keep in mind it does cost me money to create/publish/host this site. It would be wonderful for anyone to support us by buying just a digital. Personally, I think the prints came out great.

No exaggeration, the prints look REALLY good. Top of the line quality, colors that pop and the layout is very nice.

I have two projects in the works, and I am currently writing Box & Slime: The Lunati Chronicles issue #2.

If there is any confusion I have added a new page to help people get to the best places to buy our products: please consider supporting us by visiting the newly activated SHOP. Every, and any purchase, will help out tremendously.


-- f.h.

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Tons of new comics. However, been posting on social media rather than the site... Dumb? Maybe. Check out the new SHOP, please!



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