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Our Comics:

Lord Dag #1 is the very beginning.

Trustworthy is one of our favorites!

Love Thy Self is the first comic in our Box & Slime series!

Our Blogs:

Lord Dag Comic Companion - Our First ever Blog Post

Our D&D Blogs are the most popular

Our Short Stories:

Andrea, Attorney at Law - The first story in our Mad Dwarf Arc

Raven - The first story in a series focused on an elven assassin. 

Welcome to the 9th Circle


A demon who rules the 9th Circle of Hell. His aspirations are to rise above his station and to one day rule all of Hell. Dag is constantly thwarted in his advancements by his brothers, other demons and his own inadequacies.

Alpha & Beta

Alpha and Beta are Dag's younger twin brothers. They're an interesting pair, who thrive in the wild pleasure of gluttony. Both are mischievous and quiet. Real quiet. They actually just don't speak at all, but they're both constantly causing someone (usually Dag) some mild annoyance.


Missy is Dag’s assistant. Her secret crush on Dag brought her to the job, but the desire to prove herself and improve what she set out for keeps her going. Dag and the 9th Circle would be lost without her.

Xirlonixiatz (Xir)

Xirlonixiatz, or "Xir" for those unfamiliar with the extraterrestrial tongue, is a being from a world deep within the cosmos. In life he was what you would call a "Beta Centrillion", yet in death he is simply another soul who has come to the 9th Circle.

Here Aliens and Robots Live in Space Ships


Box is a highly advanced robot created to do one thing: explore the universe. During his adventures, he met an alien named Slime, and a friendship was born. Slime's intelligence is often put into question. However, Box stays his friend, and some could argue if only for the entertainment value.


Slime is an alien; an amorphous creature from the depth of the Cosmos. His species is unknown, but some say that his kind has a deep Galactic relative to the Beta-Centrillions. Slime took up with a small robot named Box, and together they explore the universe.

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