Short Stories

Andrea, Attorney at Law

Andrea Selton is a low-level attorney in the city of Felninburgh; a city chocked full of thieves, murderers, and skull-bashing trolls. Join her and her assistant as they try to work their way up the executive ladder, all while dodging the conjurings of a justice system gone mad.


Felninburgh is full of thieves, murderers, and thugs, but they all tend to stick to the seedier section of town called West Feln. Where the police and government agents can't go, the Raven can. Read along as one lone elf from the Southern Wilds makes a name for himself with his unusual talent of deception, stealth and cunning instincts.

Confines of Divinvaile

A world where magic crosses the boundaries of the real into the unknown. Each time a spell is cast in haste, an unknown prescence may escape into the peaceful lands of Kisen. For the Melders of Divinaile, they find themselves confined between keeping the unknown back, and keeping those who would destroy the world at bay.