Lord Dag #1 Comic Companion

Welcome to the very first strip on the site! I’m very excited to introduce this character, and this world, to everyone.

Our adventures begin with the ultimate view of what we know exists: our universe. It might surprise you to know that every being and creature out there has a soul, but they do. I can assure you of that, at least in the universe of Lord Dag. So, be prepared for that little tid-bit. We will eventually meet creatures, of not the earthly kind, that misbehave and end up spending eternity in Hell.

But, I’m getting way ahead of myself here. Let’s start over.

Lord Dag is a weekly comic strip about, you guessed it, Lord Dag. Dag is a small demon lord who rules the 9th Circle of Hell. The 9th Circle itself is the outermost region of Hell. Not too many serious baddies show up here. This circle is more for your universal jerks, weirdos and sketchy types.

You may notice how bored Dag looks, which is a bit odd considering that he is ruling a small astral plane. It fills up with more and more evil-doing souls from all across the universe. Even still, he has big plans in mind to make things a bit more interesting. He not only wants to get a ‘promotion’, but wants to eventually rule all of it. The whole shibang. I.e. take Lucifer’s position one day.

Talk about aspirations. Kicking the ultimate Stealer of Souls to the curb, then instating yourself in his place.

There’s a lot more to come up here: spin-off strips, mini-series unrelated to the 9th Circle, comic and television reviews, short stories, and maybe even some other forms of media!

I hope that Fitts Harper Productions can become a nice community, bringing everyone out there entertainment in a bunch of different ways. Establishing a reliable source of online entertainment is going to be my main mission, where Lord Dag: 9th Circle is only the start.

Before I get going I’d like to give a big tip of the hat to Tristram Waples. He designed all of the characters and content for the Lord Dag: 9th Circle strip. Tris will be the continuing artist for the series, and if you like what he does I highly recommend you check him out. He’s a talented dude, and has been a real joy to work with.

I’ve got some honorable mentions, as well: Megan O’brien (@megaobri) for the sick graphic design work she has done, and Servan Castillo (@Kenyu05) for the amazing illustraion he did for our promotional posters. Be sure to follow these wonderful people on twitter, like them on facebook and check out all of their wonderful work on the websites.

Enough of the rambling!

Here’s hoping you liked the first strip! We’ll be posting the second strip next Monday, so stay tuned for that. And, I’ll have some extra blog content up this Wednesday. Thanks for checking in!


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