Election Year in Hell Comic Companion

~~Warning: This Transmission Contains 0% Political Allegiance~~

This is the first Lord Dag strip I ever wrote (I have written OTHER things with Dag, Missy and the gang, but this is the first actual 3-panel strip). It was the first one I sent to Tris, the first one I showed my brother and the one that made me decide to go forward with the website. This is also Missy’s first appearance! Does that mean it is the best? No. I believe that it is a solid strip, but some of the ones to come are going to be much better.

I know some of you might put real meaning into this strip. Assigning meaning to the subject matter where none exists. “He must mean Her” or “He must mean Him” and even “He must be talking about that third Guy who is just running to steal votes, because those votes don’t count, because Third Parties are ridiculous, and are unfounded, and complete-” Let me stop you right there, if you think any of that.

I’m talking about NONE of them. Seriously. What I am talking about is how FUNNY every election season is. The media commentary, and now social media commentary, is always seemingly upping the ante on how “extreme”, and “intense”, these electoral seasons are. I must say, people do not look up past elections, and recall how they tore the Americans apart.

If anyone is reading this just yelling at the monitor going, “You’re wrong! Pay attention! The world is burning and OUR rights, MY rights, YOUR rights are going down the tube!” then, yeah. Okay. You got me there. But I think our rights, your rights, my rights are always in turbulent waters and the world seems to be burning a lot. At least smoldering… maybe just a small ember of a fire.

Anyway, the strip wasn’t intended to point the finger any which way. As long as there is an American government, and it has elections as we know them today, you could post this strip and it would still fit. That’s why I wrote it. Hmmm, maybe I’ll post it every election year? Nah, that’s just lazy.

Sorry to disappoint anyone, but this is a one-size-fits-all comic. If you want real political commentary you’ll have to find it elsewhere. If I may recommend a place, listen to Dan Carlin’s podcast “Common Sense”. It’s way good. I would have to say start with the episode entitled “308 - Return of the Podcaster” if you want some thrilling commentary on this election season.

See ya’ll later.


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