Preparing for The Game - An Interlude - D&D Part 2

Tonight there is yet another game. I’m not 100% sure what will happen, or how we will even begin right now. There’s no real character upkeep to take care of, our only worry is going over some heavy plot details.

Our game is taking place in the official D&D setting of the Forgotten Realms. This is a universe made up of planes of existence that span everything from that of a God to that of a small rural farming area. There’s a lot of history here. Multiple novels, comics, games, official content and, not to mention, whatever your DM, and players alike, add to the game while you are playing.

This specific game started in the city of Neverwinter, a city on the Sword Coast of the continent Faerûn. The team originally consisted of four members: the slightly cannibalistic half-orc, GrizzlyBeth; the beer-pounding half-elf, Bulbus Dunlop; the ancient gnome wizard, Grag; and the ever-shady human thief, Big Customer. Yes. Big Customer. Let’s just continue.

Captain Bolt is Neverwinter’s regional leader of “The Lion’s Maw”, a mercenary band that is affiliated with the Lord's Alliance. He has just called Bulbus Dunlop into his office to give him another talking to. It seems, once again, the reckless gunslinger has caused a bit of damage on his last mission. In order to allow the chaos that ensued a chance to die down, Captain Bolt sent Bulbus, and three other green-mercenaries, on a quest that would give them the chance to prove themselves and to make some easy money.

The group was asked to bring Kaylessa, the owner of an inn, and her maidservant, Ghileeda, back to the small town of Red Larch. The two of them had traveled to Neverwinter to report some of the strange occurrences taking place in the surrounding area, the Dessarin Valley. It seems Kaylessa had been experiencing a lack of business at her inn and hoped that a visit to the affluent city could offer some hope of restoration to her business and put an end to the strange events.

The group agreed.

Their long trip to Red Larch, and the many people (and humanoids) they met, resulted in many long months of non-stop pursuit of cultists and their intricate internal struggles.

Maybe, in a future post, I will go into the details of each particular adventure. For the purposes of this, I will skip to the present: after securing a stronghold for themselves, hiring and acquiring a slew of adventurers, and jumping planes of existence, they find themselves back in Neverwinter. This time, with two new allies in the group. Horfire Catslove, the eladrin paladin, who replaced Big Customer after a tragic druidic fire incident took his life, and Marvin Gravenhold, an unhinged bullywug bard from the swamps of the Nentir Vale. Again, let’s just continue...

They had spent last week exploring the city for the first time as players. It turns out that, while they were away, the city had experienced a change of power. Struggling factions within the city fight for power and rebel underground (figuratively and literally) against the ex-Open Lord of Waterdeep, and now current Lord Protector of Neverwinter, Lord Neverember.

As the group passed the Hall of Justice in the western part of the city, a large explosion tore through the underground part of the building. Our heroes rushed in to find a group of thieves hired by a local rebel group robbing the city of its treasury. The rebel leader was killed (our Heroes tend to be a bit... trigger happy), and the thieves fled through a hidden escape tunnel.

The game ended as our heroes rushed into the escape tunnel just as Neverwinter guards made their way into the vault.


So, anyway, that’s where I find myself as a DM, and where my players left off last game. I’m not too sure what they will do. After all, this trip to Neverwinter was just a side trip for them. Will they chase after the thieves and get themselves enrolled in a fight for the leadership of the city? Or, will they hand these rebels over to the ruling party, only to get back on their way north?

We’ll find out, I guess. And next time, I will add a bit more background to fill in the many, many, MANY gaps for all of you reading.

Thanks for hearing the rant.

--DM f.h.

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