D&D - An Interlude - Escape From Underground

The holidays are rapidly approaching, the election… happened and personally, I have a pretty hectic schedule going on. Preparing to move, taking an online class, various side jobs, working on getting a Lord Dag full-issue going, writing the scripts for other issues, etc etc etc. A lot is going on, and a lot floating around, and my head just hasn’t been in it 100%.

All that being said, one of the worst tragedies has occurred: I’ve missed a few D&D games. It’s one thing that I look forward to, believe it or not; it isn’t necessarily because I am a huge nerd. I am, but mainly it’s because I get together with five incredibly funny and exciting people that I enjoy seeing.

Our game has progressed since my last update, so I will get you all up to speed, but until our next session, I will have to spend time on other posts in these Interlude pieces.

My players stepped through the blown out wall in the Neverwinter treasury vault to discover a hidden passageway that continued deep underneath the city. They pursued the Dead Rats that were escaping with the stolen money, only to burst into a vast chasm with multiple mine carts lined up over a dark abyss that dropped down, for what seemed like miles.

There were four mine cart tracks, and three mine carts left. Apparently, the Dead Rats had already left. The group jumped into one, after examining the others (although, they were a tad hasty).

They took off on a twisting, turning roller coaster ride of epic proportions. The cart dropped down deeper into the earth, above a Drow city, sped around corners, went over broken tracks and had to deal with allowing the cart from going fast enough, but not too quickly, all while keeping the crystal powering the cart, from overheating. It took all five players and was pretty intense. Not to mention, our Bard found the “horn” and blasted it pretty thoroughly.

They did very well, taking on every challenge with exceeding determination and successfully. With one exception: a bit of trouble with the breaks (a few too many 1’s rolled), and could not slow down the cart at the end.

Exploding out of the underground tunnel, they all crashed, took quite a bit of damage and were unable to stay conscious. Waking up dazed the group found themselves at the mercy of those NPCs we ran as a one-off game last time.

Taken prisoner, the group, is now being marched north towards Luskan. The Dead Rats have fled with the Treasury, they are separated from their allies in Neverwinter and are now being bogged down from their expedition to the Icewind Dale.

That’s where we left off: them marching in chains up a hill. One thing did happen that I am excited to get to next time; as they rounded the top of the road, they heard joyful music, laughter, bells ringing and fireworks. They discovered a small town was having a carnival as dusk was arriving, and with the looming wilderness on each side of them, it looks like they will be marched right through the center of town.


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