D&D - An Interlude - Carnival/Nethar/Reborn Part 1 of 3

I left all of you, expectedly, on the edge of your seats last time.

What happened after the team looked over the hill and saw the carnival? Did they escape from their captors? Did they continue with their journey north to the Icewind Dale? What about the thieves? Was the Treasury recovered? TELL US WHAT HAPPENED!

I can hear you screaming these questions at me, and I have a lot to get through, so calm down and let me begin.

Short answer: it was a real sh*t show.

Part 1 of 3

Our game began with our gnome wizard Grag casting Misty Step, disappearing from his chains and reappearing hidden in the forest to one side of the group. The tall bullywug bard Marvin then cast a slew of spells taking all of the captor’s attention onto himself, while the eladrin paladin Horfire Fey Stepped onto the wagon that carried all of their supplies. Bulbus, our half-elf gunslinger, crouched down and tried to calm everyone down, while our half-orc barbarian GrizzlyBeth broke her chains, and sought to break the chains on Bulbus


Are you following me so far? Because even as the DM I started to get a bit cross-eyed at this point, and we were only about 5 minutes into playing. Here’s what you need to know: they slaughtered everyone, and the others ran away. I’m just sticking with that, because the entire thing became so convoluted and odd, that there is no other way to say it.

That assassin from last time? Beaten to a bloody pulp. The Knight Commander? Pissed himself and ran. The Mage? He joined the group after some tongue-tying spell casting from the Bard.

The team then entered the carnival, leaving the mass of corpses upon the hill behind them and deciding someone else would do a bit of cleaning up after.

They then enjoyed a few rounds of games, noting that all of the carnies wore red dragon pendants upon their chests, and some of the prizes were small coins with, you guessed it, red dragons on them. They collected enough of these coins and found a large tent in the rear which they entered. As they went in, a small child ran up to them and shouted “Please don’t! My mom and brother went in and never came back out!” But, too late, they were in.

The mage that just joined them? I mean LITERALLY JUST JOINED? Oh, they didn’t give him any coins. He stayed outside.

Once inside they realized that the tent was huge, and must have had some sort of magical effect upon it: they could only see about 10 feet in front of them, except for certain corridors, there was a thick fog that seeped around red light pouring out from the darkness, and it was very maze-like. In fact, a red half-dragon dressed in circus master attire stepped out and called to them “Welcome to Nethar’s Maze!” and then disappeared into a wisp of smoke. So, besides being a bit confused as to what was going on, they were all at least sure of one thing: it was a maze.

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