Oops... Sorry

Another post, another excuse.

It has been a while, yet again, I know. But. I've switched jobs, yet again, and not only have the posts and short stories been slow to be added to the site, I'm sure you can tell that the strips have also dried up.

I'll be keeping the site alive, best I can, and be giving it all I've got. Money is tight, and I need to work as much as possible to keep the rent paid up first and foremost. The site will not fall by the wayside, yet this all means that there might be a bit more than just a few days between posts.

Here are some things I continue to be excited about:

A full-length Dag comic. It's written, backgrounds have been completed, all the character designs, except one, have been drawn and finalized. Now we wait on that single character, pencils, ink, color, writing, formatting... you get the drift. But, I promise, somehow it will get out there.

I've almost completed The Mad Dwarf story. It's not a huge project; it will only be around 12,000 words, but it is enough for me two juggle my full-time job, sidework and this to make it slow to posting each chapter.

There is one more Raven short coming soon; I have another Andrea Attorney at Law longer short, and a few non-connected stories to post.

In the strip world, there are a handful of comic strips featuring Dag, and a few other characters, that will be posted soon.

Stay in touch; I will post as much as possible on our Facebook and Twitter to keep everyone informed. Thanks for those of you who continue to show up and read what we put out. It's very kind of you.


#comics #lorddag #literature #writing

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