A Novel Experience; Plus an Update

I’m finishing up “The Mad Dwarf” story right now. I have just written and edited the first 1200 words; I think I have another 1500-2000 left before that final part is complete. I have other stories with Andrea and Travis, plus the stories that feature The Raven in that same setting. My newest project is one I’ve been working on laying out for roughly a year now.

It’s going to be my take on a serious Epic Fantasy novel. No elves, dwarves or the like and a more serious attitude, and subject matter than the comics and stories already posted on here. Where Andrea/The Raven ride the fine line of sarcasm, this one will be more in the vein of the modern day fantasy genre.

While the other stories have taken months to post, I’m not sure this one will go as quickly. Yes, even slower than my usual slow to update things. Right now the working title is “The Confines of Divinaile.” It may change. A lot of this may change; order or reading/the plot, characters, character voices. It’s an experiment in me laying out a huge story, with many plotlines and characters. This project will not be a short story, though I will continue to post them in the Short Story section of the site.

A link will be placed under the title to bring you here, and other blogs, that will update readers on exactly what the world looks like, and has evolved from to its most current state.

As of 7/11/17, the date of this posting, I’ll be putting up the Prologue to “The Confines of Divinaile.” The Prologue may be edited, expanded or completely changed in the future, but it will be a neat way to document my writing process. Not to mention, I feel an absolute pressure to update these stories once posted on the site. I may be slow to update, in between my crazy work schedule, but at least I keep things moving.

While I am at it, here are updates for other things I have spoken about. Dag: Yes, more strips ARE COMING, I promise. I’ve seen the penciled strips. They exist. Dag Full Length: I just received an email saying that those penciled layouts will start in the near future. That, as well, exists. Lastly, the Fantasy as Literature blogs: they exist in an outlined form, but will take a bit for me to get them up. They… Exist.

And my last update: that second comic strip I spoke about a few months ago. That exists, sort of, as well. I got rough character designs, but that never panned out. I may put that on the back burner, since the artists I know are extremely busy, and I want to put all my effort into keeping Dag’s universe alive and kicking. I love that little guy.

Thanks for keeping up with me, and for everyone who still visits the site, keeping it alive I thank as well. I get down on this sometimes, knowing I can’t update as often as I want, but seeing that people are still visiting pages makes me happy. For those few: again, thanks!

Alright, everyone. Hope your summer is going well!


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