Box & Slime

If you’re reading this, then you most likely have noticed I started a new comic. It’s called Box and Slime. It’s about a small, box-like robot named Box and an amorphous green alien named Slime. Original and thought-provoking, no?

It started out as a doodle that I did in an artbook I was using to create D&D maps. I took a picture of the doodle, then posted it online after adjusting the color hue to something that made the white background look a bit more, well, white.

The process has morphed a bit since then. I draw on larger paper, take more time on each comic, and now instead of small odd snippets, it’s starting to have a plot line. Nothing huge, just right now I’m in the middle of one where Slime tried to fly the ship and blew it up due to incompetence. Now, they’re floating through space, trying to get a new ship, trying to get back to… well, I haven’t even really decided WHERE they are, or where they come from in the universe.

I do know this: Slime is a distant relative of BetaCentrillions, the same alien species as Xirlonixiatz, the giant slime alien from Lord Dag. Yeah, I love cartoon alien slimes. Get over it.

I would like to get a decent scanner eventually, but with the amount of cash I have, I’m not sure that is the best idea. I’m taking pictures of the art with my iPhone, loading it into Gimp and then trying my best to crop it, color it and clean up what I can with just the use of a mouse. I know all about tablets, but my crappy huion tablet will not sync with Gimp. I’ve tried contacting both companies, while also looking online for solutions. It turns out this tablet and the newest version of Gimp hate each other.

I could go Adobe, but I think I prefer drawing on paper, then editing with Gimp. Maybe down the line, I will get the scanner, which will increase quality, as I do measure out all my paneling, so it’s straight in real life. But by the time it gets to the computer everything is a little out of square.

So, why continue with Box and Slime versus Lord Dag? Simple answer: money. This, at the moment, I can make with the simple cost of paper, pencils, markers and my iPhone. I can load it onto my laptop, and then color it with free photo-editing software.

The downfall? I’m not good at drawing. I’m just not. Will I ever be? I think I can eventually become good enough for this, simply drawn one, but I will never be a real artist. I’ve never drawn in the past, besides as I’ve said crude D&D maps.

The upside? I like doing it. I make myself laugh at these jokes. For once I enjoy the entire process. Sure, I get frustrated with my limitations and the limitations of this prolonged, primitive process, yet overall I like doing it. I’m not trying to be unique, but I think because this is the closest thing to my actual personality coming out it is as uniquely me as I can get.

I hope you all read it.


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