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I’m a person who needs extreme quiet to create. Not just to create, but to partake in the creative works of others, as well. At the very least I need the ability to control the noise and level. Chopin, Vivaldi are just two that I often use as the hammer to break silence or the blanket I use to dampen it. Right off the bat, one (being my interpretation of you, dear reader,) may assume then my problem with creating in quiet is not about my own concentration, but more about controlling a situation; having my hands on the environment A fair point. I’d still argue that it’s 95/5 in the aspect of concentration/control ratio. Maybe it’s an excuse not to create, what Steven Pressfield would call “Resistance,” that devilish trickster that lurks in all our minds and keeps aspiring authors, entrepreneurs, and all-around do-gooders down. I change my answer: 90/5/5.

To me, it’s more about the interruption of the earthly severing that all-important connection to that plane of existence: Muse. There are those who, through training, will, or superior genetics who have, let’s say, more secure and hack-proof lines of connection to Muse. I applaud and envy them. How can someone like me, who tend to scoff at “higher planes” and “angels” and all that holy connection to supreme places of existence say that there is any such connection able to be severed? I do think the act of creation does bring your mind into a different trance-like state. There has to be a study on it. Look it up, find one -- I’m not a scholar; you’ll see no citation here. What makes sense to me would be that we all have sort of… set rhythms, melodies, values, images, stories and likable/dislikable traits embedded in our minds. The act of pulling these out, stitching them together, then sharing them in a resonating way that allows those who are experiencing our art to tap into these let’s say “virtues” is Muse. This is why consuming what the type of media you create can be not only dangerous but so important to do. It’s dangerous because you do not want to copy, plagiarize… STEAL. However, you do want to get an idea of where the path to your Mse starts, and how to navigate that path into a successful connection and output. Not only that! Finding that spark is important. To some it may be watching a movie, reading a novel or listening to your favorite song. The spark can come from ANYTHING; it does not have to explicitly come from the same form of media, though it does help to consume the exact thing you’re creating. What about those who just read to experience nature; a grand view? That’s a primordial, ancient version of art on a cosmic scale. What then about witnessing another person, or just something as mundane as the view of a building, or a few cars parked on the side of the street? I’d argue that a person has spent a lifetime creating a self; that street, the building was built by someone with a vision, someone who has accessed their own Muse. Now the raw act, that is something to take into account. Creation is embarrassing. I hate telling people about it; I hate when I am asked about it. I never go into details without first be prompting, and even when asked I hesitate to talk about it. I’ll change the topic quick, which seems counterintuitive since I am putting myself out there: just like this post. Then why post this? I’ve created a space here to do it; it’s an embarrassment-free zone. To an extent, obviously. I place it here in various parts of creation: sometimes things are obviously unfinished, at other times they are at my best (at the time, you can always improve), and at other times they are finished, but just not good. This site is about me sharing. So, here it isn’t embarrassing. I think there is a reason why most want quiet, or a locked room, or a secluded spot. It’s about us connecting to whatever Muse is, and we are vulnerable as we do that. The connection is tenuous; anything that disrupts that can bring about a huge amount of distress, annoyance all culminating in that embarrassment once the irritation has left. The same goes for consuming media. We’ve all seen that person belting out a tune in the car next to us… alone… in the morning, at a traffic light or driving the opposite side of the road. We’ve also all been that person. It’s hugely embarrassing. For all involved.

That’s why personally need it quiet. Whether it is control, or most importantly, because it is embarrassing, it is essential, it’s personal and an ancient way to get in contact with whatever is inside of us all, that binds and connects. Those who disrespect that, they are out of touch with their inner-creative self and out of touch with those around us.


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