Rainy Saturdays

I woke up earlier this morning to the patter of rain outside. Shivering, I got up and made my morning cup of coffee. It was 63 inside, which granted is not freezing, but cold enough that if you’re not pretty active, you will be cold. It certainly wasn’t a good lazy Saturday sort of temperature.

Out in the living room, I turned on my small heater (our apartment’s heat turns off at the end of April until October) and aimed it directly at my chair. I sipped my coffee, under a blanket and took out my 3DS.

I’ve been pretty into 7th Dragon iii Code VFD lately. It’s not a bad game, a pretty standard dungeon crawling, turn-based RPG. The story, I must say, is absolutely horrible. Just a bad story. The dialogue, which in between chapters appears quite a bit, is atrocious. Clearly, the story, the characters, and the sidequests were made from a fanservice perspective 100%.

That’s fine with me, I skip most of the dialogue, which can at times be a pain due to missing a key point of “what to do next” information. Luckily they have a “Navi” section in the gameplay menu that lets you know where/what to do next. It would save me from a ton of eye-rolling if I had to read what each of these characters was saying most of the time.

The gameplay, battling, mechanics and all of that is immensely rewarding. It has a skill buy/upgrade system based on points you earn during battle. This is the best part of the game. Your turn-based attacks are free, but like most RPGs, there is a “skill” you can use that drains a mana pool. These skills can be honed by creating a team that builds on each character’s skills.

You can complement each skill, or create very individual characters that have specific roles. Or, you can say “screw it” and just spend tons of in-game-coin on healing items and create a team of hard-hitting aggro types. Whatever your RPG style there is a way to play it. And the “grinding” is fun, or at least to me. The enemies can be difficult at times, but overall it has nice level gameplay that does not coddle the player but does not make it a quick run through either. Once you start getting the feeling of a “rinse and repeat” game, the enemies swap up, you go to a new level, start a new chapter, etc.

If only that fanservice-y quality didn’t exist…

Anyway, as you can see, my Saturday was starting to be a joyful one. Until about 8:30 when the monster who lives upstairs awoke. His main squeeze, Queen Stomper, was spending the night. I should have known it was going to be a rough one.

I think the woman cheers him on, all while slapping the walls in a gleeful stupor. Really. They’re loud.

I heard from the bedroom “Are they bouncing those little bouncy balls and running after them?”

I replied “No.” I was about at my wit’s end. They had been upending chairs, running around and scratching at the walls for almost two hours. It was now close to 10:30 and it hadn’t let up. It was WORSE since they had both donned shoes and were running about. “They’re just ----ing killing me!”

“Okay,” she said.

That’s when the chairs started to slide across the wooden floors. I lost my concentration. I had to put the game down.

I went out to the kitchen, getting hungry, I was looking for some food in the fridge. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to go shopping, so there was scant anything but frozen chicken nuggets. Food is food, there is no rule of what time to eat what, but even I couldn’t eat that at 10:30am.

Something upstairs dropped. I clenched my fists. “Calm down,” I muttered to myself.

Something banged, dragged, dropped and then a bunch of running about.

“Okay, they must be getting ready to go out, chill.” I wasn’t talking myself out of it.

Finally, something in my brain broke, as it usually does after hours of this nonsense upstairs. I yelled some obscene things. I know they can hear them. I can hear when they talk softly, so me yelling, yeah, it’s probably like I was in the same room.

The footsteps retreated to the back rooms, where the bang, stomp, and slide continued. “Oh, yeah,” I said. “Move to another room, this place is so huge I definitely can’t hear you now.” Which, I knew I was sarcastic, so that didn’t calm me down either.

This begs the question: What could you possibly be doing that you can move into another room, and yet still have the need to hit the walls, drop things on the floors and run from room to room. Trust me when I say: these people weren’t cleaning.

Finally, at around 11, I heard the door open upstairs and then the sounds of two people falling down the steps. They weren’t ACTUALLY falling down the steps, unfortunately. That’s just how they walk. Because, you know, everyone is super considerate in apartments.

With the newfound somewhat quiet (it’s a building full of people, but I will not complain about that!) I sat down and took out my 3DS.

I couldn’t do it. I was just too angry from the last few hours, I had to clear my head. I tried to read, that didn’t help. So, I took out my headphones and listened to a podcast and ate chicken nuggets.

The good thing is they were out all day, so it stayed quiet. I was able to get a bit of writing done and (fingers crossed for the rest of the night) the only call I got through answering service was a not hot water call for a house someone was moving into in three days time. She didn’t want to pay an extra fee for me to come out on the weekend since you know, no one lived there yet.

Don’t you just love rainy Saturdays?


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