Andrea, Attorney at Law

The Mad Dwarf: Part 1

    The courtroom was in a panic. Chairs were flying, people screamed, and a little judge cowered behind the bench. A small-gnomish hand reached up, clutching at the gavel and pounded, but the chaos continued.
    Two bailiffs were tossed around like rag dolls. Each was caught off balance since neither have had to put up a real fight in a score or two of years. If not for the serious nature of the engagement, the sight would have been quite comical: the two were wrinkled, gray blurs in the hands of a giant, spinning round and round.
    “This is getting ridiculous,” Andrea said to me as both of us huddled under the defense table.
    “Getting?” I panted. I jumped as another crash resounded through the courtroom.
    “More so.” Andrea rolled her hands in the air, suggesting that I should understand what she meant.
    Another thundering crash shook my being. “Sure,” I said. All I wanted was out of the room. Well, needed out of the room. But I was helpless.
    “I’ve had it.” Andrea attempted to stand up, and I grabbed at the hem of her skirt.
    “Sit down!” I yelled at her, but she pushed my hand away.
    She stood almost six feet tall, slim and dressed in the resplendent regalia of a professional woman nearing thirty; a skirt, blouse, stockings, and heels. Andrea pressed her hands onto her hips triumphantly and then pointed to the half-troll, who currently held a member of the peanut gallery under his arm.
    “As your Lawyer,” Andrea said, with such authority of her position I swear she thought herself to be a sort of demigod “I command you to stop this at once!”
    Astonishingly enough the half-troll stopped. The courtroom fell silent, and all eyes were on Andrea. She looked amazing; strong and confident. She crossed her arms slowly, staring down the giant beast. “Put that poor man down, Tag.”
    Tag was our client. A half-troll, as I have mentioned, who was a bit upset; sentenced to eight months of community service. That is what Andrea had the sentence reduced to, and still, he was not happy. He claimed he was innocent, but a trunk full of tied up and gagged gnomes told a different story. Since the judge was of gnomish descent I’m surprised Tag wasn’t sent away for a long, long time. That in itself should show you how good Andrea is at her job.
    “Tag,” Andrea warned. “Put. Him. Down.”
    Tag did as he was told, and slowly put the man down. The spectator, exhausted and relieved, gave a slight whimper and collapsed at Tag’s feet. One of the still conscious bailiffs crawled forward, grabbed the man’s leg, and pulled him back to a safer distance.
    I slowly rose to the defense, putting my shaking hands on the table to steady myself. I thought this was going to be my last case. Squashed by a half-troll, one who had hired us to defend him against the charges of... well, kidnapping a bunch of gnomes with the intention of squashing.
    I know. You’re appalled. So am I most of the time, honestly. That is what we do here as defense attorneys in Felninburgh: we save the criminals both from themselves and the law. 
    Why might you ask? The law firm we work for likes to generate secure working capital between the more lucrative, high-profile cases. This means the every-day lackeys, like Andrea and myself, have to do the legwork in the downtown courts. We suck up every copper we can from the desperate who need our prestigious firm to work their case. We get them off the hook, for a crime they are usually guilty of, and then move onto our next case.
    I’m not a huge fan of it myself, and neither is Andrea, but we both have aspirations of one day getting a luxurious corner office. Personally, I don’t think I will ever move out of the low-profile cases. Perhaps one day I if get out of criminal hearings I can move onto lower end litigations. Andrea though will be something great. She will be an attorney other attorneys tell tales about. Andrea Selton is someone going places, and as her assistant, I’m really enjoying the ride.

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