Andrea, Attorney at Law

The Mad Dwarf: Part 3

    A loud ding rang through the stone chamber, while Andrea and I stood waiting for the guards to open the gated bars. We were at the Felninburgh Correctional Facility, awaiting our meeting with the mad dwarf. An elf leafed through some papers on the other side of the bars while we were scanned by the red gemstones that hung from the ceiling. Another ding and the elf looked up, snapped his fingers, and the gate slowly swung open.
    “And you are?” He asked snottily, glasses hanging off the tip of his pointed nose.
Selton and this is my assistant Travis. We’re here to see Del Blackstone.”
    I waved enthusiastically, “Hey.” Andrea elbowed me, and I quieted down.
    The elf ran his finger across some lines of scribbled writing. “I don’t see you on the schedule. Are you sure you notified us ahead of time?”
    “I’m positive,” Andrea said. She leaned in, making eye contact with the elf. “We’re from Orenda & Frey. Miss O. herself sent over the paperwork. But... if you can’t find it then we will just have to go and bring her back with us.”
    The elf sat silent, staring into her eyes. “The Orenda?”
    Andrea nodded solemnly.
    The elf's eyes narrowed in understanding then called over his shoulder. “
Taldesh! Taldesh, get over here!”
    A short, grayish looking thing waddled up beside the elf. “Boss?” It gruffed out.
     “These two are here to see Blackstone, Del. Section 3, Block 5, Cell 16. Make sure they don’t get beaten to a pulp; Orenda sent them.”
    The squat thing called
Taldesh eyes became large. “The Orenda?” It asked.
    “The Orenda,” I said. The elf nodded in agreement.
    “You got it, boss.” It gestured for us to follow and took off down the stone corridor.
    As we followed, we heard that obnoxious, recurring ding, and the gates scraped closed behind us. We were now locked in, and on our way to meet with a fireball of a dwarf.


    I’ve never been good in high-pressure situations. Which is odd considering my career choice at Orenda & Frey. To be fair, I don’t actually handle any speeches, arguing or other public bolsterings that would require confidence and composure. That’s Andrea’s job; I am merely her assistant.

    That does not take away from the stress enduring scenario I was currently finding myself in. I am right there with Andrea, along with the stout, malformed prison guard; nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. I was getting nervous, which means I get chatty. It's not one of my proudest quirks, but a quirk nonetheless. 
    "This is a pretty high-security prison block. And just for a dwarf serving a contempt of court sentence, huh?" I said jokingly.

    The guard barked out what I thought was a laugh, and I glanced at Andrea to see if there was some joke I was missing. By the look of the frown on her face, I started to figure the only joke was on us for being fool enough to be here in the first place.

    “Blackstone, Del,” croaked our prison guide as we stopped in front of a stone-carved door. Taldesh turned an eye our way, smiling impishly at us. “If he starts poundin’ yer head just curl up and yell. I’ll come in and save ya.”

    Andrea smoothed out a wrinkle in her skirt and nodded.
    I only gulped and stared wide-eyed at the guard. “Why don’t you just come in with us?” I asked. “Save yourself a few steps for when the head bashing starts.”
Taldesh shook his head. “Against prison policy. I stay out here.”
    “Open it up,” Andrea said calmly.
    I grabbed her shoulder and leaned close. “Are you sure about this? How about we just polish up some new resumes and let her fire us. It’ll save us our heads, plus we can get severance.”
    “Shut up, Travis,” Andrea said. She nodded to 
Taldesh who took out a big, rune-engraved skeleton key and put it into the brass door lock.
    The key clanked around and then the handle clicked, the entire wall creaking and sliding open.
    “We cannot get severance if we are dead.” I was pretty convinced that the best thing waiting behind the door was a swift death.
    “Let’s go,” Andrea said, and she stepped inside.
    I took in a huge breath and followed. 
Taldesh twisted the key behind me, and the door slid shut.

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